Daily Dischord is a webzine that started in 2007 with the purpose of reviewing “media”. It was ok for a bit because we had loads of contributors but after a while (because when people are working for free and seeing no real response to their work, they quickly vanish) things started to go down hill a little bit.

We decided to get a brand new version of Daily Dischord in 2008 but it took a while, a good long while, for that to come to fruition. When it did finally come around it seemed to constantly be in development (pro tip: make sure all your requirements are figured out BEFORE you finish the website), but we persevered…well, most of us did. Ok, ok. I lie. ONE of us did (hint: not me) and the now current editor/developer/designer/code monkey Liam was (and I suppose still is…) the one man army keeping the black and orange of Daily Dischord flying high. While others have come and gone, he’s remained the sole beating heart of Daily Dischord.

What you see before you now is the brand new, web 2.0, socially networked, all the bells and fucking whistles style of Daily Dischord that we all wanted but never quite got 2 years ago. We’ve dropped the “media reviewing” aspect because…well, that was silly, but in it’s place we’re gonna stay true to what we love – music.

Our new site is slicker, more secure, more stable and much, much easier to use. We love it and I’m sure you will too.

But you clicked on the “About” link looking to see what we’re about, didn’t you? You’re interested in what we do, aren’t you?

Daily Dischord is a website that reviews music and occasionally films. All opinion, all of the time. We’ve never accepted a bribe (my email address is below if you fancy a punt, though. I like cars, money, beer and free flights) or bent to anyone’s will. We’re the rogue voice, if you will.

Like when you watch a buddy cop film and one guy is always the maverick, the loose cannon – like Riggs in Lethal Weapon. Well, think of us as Riggs in Lethal Weapon. We’re all about that (minus the jew hating, Catholicism and alcoholism, of course); taking risks and making a mess of things for everyone else.

There is currently a working staff of four and a half (I count as the half) but we hope to expand. World domination looms, I suspect.

The question is, will you be part of it?

- Mark Fraser, Daily Dischord 2010