Our Team

Things move fast in the Dischordian world. This is because we have some staff members who do their best to keep things as up to date as possible. Would you like to meet us sorry lot? Well, allow me to introduce…

Liam – Administrator/Web Monkey/Sub-Editor

Liam is pretty much the beating heart of Daily Dischord. Since we started all those (three) years ago Liam’s hard work was keeping the site going tirelessly, even when he was the sole contributor. But times changed, and the boy became a man in October when he created and LAUNCHED this very site you see before you. Any technical issues contact him.

Mark – Editor/Blogger

A founding father but not a father figure, he is elusive and cunning, contributing in little tiny pieces. He hopes these tiny pieces make up the whole, but apparently they do not. Anyway, he’s the editor now and a “fountain of musical knowledge”. If you spot any mistakes please contact him. He also does reviews and (eventually) a big ol’ bloggy blog.

Elio Ravet – Reviewer/Contributor

Elio is the newest addition to the maddest of squads and he contributes almost exclusively with metal reviews. He is, for all intents and purposes, the youngest person on the team but that doesn’t stop him from being a damn fine guy who knows his stuff. He is partial to an exclamation mark or two.

Sam – Reviewer/Contributor
Sam is relatively new to the team and takes care of things which are both hardcore and metalcore. He’s also partial to reviewing unsigned bands. If you see him in the street tell him that Motionless in White are a great band and see how he reacts. It’ll be funny at the very least and painful at the absolute most.

Mitch – Writer/Gig Reviewer/Superhero

Every generation calls out for a hero and when this call is answered, the world rejoices. Mitch answered that call. He does gig reviews and music reviews too. He’s excellent (in a Bill and Ted kind of way) because he manages to fit in his writing with saving the world.

Ants – Radio Show Co-host/ex-Rockstar

Very much a man of his time, Ants is the kind of guy who just won’t let the rock n roll die. His particular poison is Scandinavian sleaze rock. He spends his spare time being as rock n roll as a human can possibly be and these days presents the Daily Dischord Radio Show with Mark. God love ‘im.