Halloween’s Monday Mixtape – Deaf Havana

Fresh from touring the UK’s finest venues with You Me At Six, Norfolk rockers Deaf Havana have taken some time out to truly enjoy Halloween before the release of their debut album “Fools And Worthless Liars”. We decided to let guitarist Chris Pennels take the hotseat for one of today’s special edition Halloween Monday Mixtapes.

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays but the UK don’t go too OTT with it. Where my wife and I are from there are 3 American Air bases and we would always go there as there would always be loads of scare houses and EVERYONE dressed up.

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

This song has one of the scariest, creepiest music videos ever. So much so I think this year, me and the lads are going to dress up as the kids and demon from the video and terrorise grannies around Norfolk villages.

Smashing Pumpkins – Today

Can’t have Halloween without pumpkins right? Great track, great band. Don’t go around Smashing Pumpkins on Halloween unless it’s a neighbour you really dislike though!

Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

Who doesn’t like a bit of dirty electronic metal? Especially by a dude that directs shit scary films. It’s like a perfect Halloween double whammy!

Nofx – Ghostbusters Theme Tune

On a lighter more upbeat note, the 4 of us dressed up as Ghostbusters to go to Tom’s pub’s landlord’s birthday just before the You Me At Six tour dates. There was no skanking though – just alot of attempting to create Vodka shooting ghost busting guns.

Iron Maiden – Number Of The Beast

666, number of the beast. Couldn’t have Halloween without an 80′s metal headbanging tune could you?

Listen to the mixtape on Spotify!

Deaf Havana’s new album “Fools And Worthless Liars” is out on 7th November 2011 via BMG Records.