Halloween’s Monday Mixtape – Malefice

Reading metal outfit Malefice have been very busy this year. You may have witnessed them play the opening day of Download on the Second Stage this year, or maybe you caught them on the road with Sylosis. Either way, they are a treat to behold, and if you haven’t witnessed them live quite yet, correct that when you have a chance. Tom Hynes, who plays bass for the band, took some time out to be a guest writer for our famous Monday Mixtape. Check out what Halloween tracks he digs below and listen in with the music player!

So Halloween’s upon us once again and it’ll be time for trick or treating, carving out pumpkins and possibly partaking in some drunken debauchery and alcohol soaked fancy dress parties. Well, I certainly hope so. I’ve compiled a few songs which I feel are suitable for Halloween listening, obviously given my taste in music a few of these choices are from an extreme metal perspective but if there’s a time of year to listen to some dark sounding metal then I feel Halloween’s definitely the time eh? Let’s get started:

Rob Zombie – Dragula

Obviously Rob Zombie was gonna make it into this list one way or another, seeing as he directed the remake of ‘Halloween’ the movie it’s only fitting. Most of his material does just paint a picture of people dressed as monsters dancing to it which as far as I’m aware is what his enormous stage show mainly consists of and I feel pretty unfortunate that I’ve not witnessed it myself yet. Quite a few times myself I believe I’ve been drunk and couldn’t resist a bit of a dance to this song. If there was a video of such a thing happening I’m sure I could have put it forward to be used in a ‘Dangers of drinking’ campaign but thankfully to my knowledge such a video doesn’t exist. That’s the point of this song though, it’s a pretty much essential Halloween Party song as it’s dark but also has the tempo and beat to make it a great song for a drunken dance to kick the party into high gear.

Dimmu Borgir – Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse

Another band that play on the theatrical somewhat, anyone else see a pattern emerging? Over the years this band evolved from album to album always stepping up their game and improving their sound and as far as I’m concerned this album ‘Death Cult Armageddon’ was their peak and this song shows off near enough every aspect of why this album’s great: lots of atmosphere, great instrumental work especially from the drums and guitars, keyboard work that without it would greatly impact this band’s sound and leave them sounding considerably less eery and atmospheric and the fact that for their orchestral parts they had the Prague philharmonic orchestra handling some of the parts elevated this album to one of the biggest sounding metal records ever made.

The Black Dahlia Murder – Contagion

One of the biggest underground bands to come onto the scene. Slight contradiction, eh? This band are incredibly important in that when the metalcore scene started exploding these guys were on the heavier underground side of it and as far as I’m concerned managed to incorporate most of the elements of it without becoming part of the trend, and now that it’s dying down are one of the bands that are easily outlasting it. Their sound is comparable to the At The Gates/Gothenburg thrash worship that coursed through the veins of most of the metalcore movement but these guys managed to take it and make it their own, and in my opinion improve on a great template whilst also incorporating more extreme elements. This song has a really deep, disgustingly menacing atmosphere behind it that can be found across the rest of the album and also an element they’ve consistently managed to keep throughout their career. These guys are fully worth your attention if you’re any kind of extreme metal fan.

Behemoth – Conquer All

A genuinely terrifying song first and foremost because of the vocals. When the production on this album started, I can imagine when it came to time for vocals the main prerequisite was ‘Satan’, as that’s what Nergal sounds like. The first time I heard the vocals on this it nearly made me fill my underwear. So yes, he sounds a bit scary, again Halloween is a good time to be scared right? As for the rest it’s all an equally as punishing sonic assault, even though this is one of Behemoth’s slower songs the drums are still punishing and unrelenting throughout and the guitars are much the same. If you’d like to spend Halloween having your ears pounded by some intense black/death metal I’d recommend this to you.

Marilyn Manson – Coma White

Yeah yeah, I know including Marilyn Manson in this is a hideously stereotypical choice, but it’s Halloween, so bite me. I picked this song as the others I’ve chosen are more geared towards people that are after a song that’s incredibly full on. This is more a song where you can sit by a candlelight drinking a glass of red wine and contemplating life. I may be gearing this towards another certain black clothed wearing stereotype, but again, it IS Halloween. Marilyn Manson is someone else who sort of embodies the theatrics of Halloween with his stage show and imagery (there’s that pattern emerging again) but he also very successfully does it with a lot of his material by trying to make it sound sometimes a lot more melancholic than a lot of people seem to think. This song is a great example of how he accomplishes it so successfully and creates a great brooding atmosphere within it which is possibly something he seems to have lost somewhat, and it’s that which made his earlier albums such an interesting listen as in some ways you knew what you were getting, but in some ways they’d surprise you too. So as I said, if you’d prefer to spend your Halloween by candlelight with a glass of red wine contemplating life and the universe then you should be working this song into your playlist.

The player above does not include the Behemoth track, but no worries. Check that song out below.

Malefice’s “Awaken The Tides” is out now via Metal Blade Records