Interview: 36 Crazyfists (Download 2015 Preview)

Alaska metal quartet 36 Crazyfists are no strangers to rocking festival stages across Europe, but it has been five whole years since they last graced the stages of Donington. Armed with an excellent new album’s worth of material, the four piece will be looking to ram in as much new and old songs as possible in to what will be a crushing half hour main stage appearance. We talk the rare chance to exchange a few words with the bands frontman Brock Lindow.

36 Crazyfists play the Main Stage on Sunday

36 Crazyfists play the Main Stage on Sunday

DD: Hello there! First of all, thanks for talking to us. Who have we got here, what do you do in 36 Crazyfists, and what are you up to right now?

Brock Lindow, Singer. Just rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ on our US headline tour.

DD: This is going to be, amazingly, the fifth time you guys have graced a stage at Download Festival. This is however your first appearance in five years. How excited are you to be returning to Donington?

We’re always honoured to be invited to the hallowed grounds of Donnington. We can’t wait!

DD: As I said, you are quite the veteran at Download. What memories do you guys have of Download’s past? Most notably, you were there when AC/DC had their own stage! How bizarre was that?!

Well they are ACDC, I loved watching them that night. They ruled!!!

DD: Are you planning on soaking up the full weekend experience, or are you just arriving on the Sunday? What bands are you looking forward to seeing most?

Yes, we will make the whole weekend. Can’t wait for Faith No More, Corrosion Of Conformity, Lamb Of God, Judas Priest, Slipknot… The list goes on!

DD: As a band, what makes the festival experience that much different than a club show? Do you feel you have to change your setlist or the way you prepare for a show?

Well our set is usually a bit shorter at the festivals so we cater to the time frame. Obviously the stakes are high for the band and the fans, you want to deliver the goods!

DD: I think a lot of UK rock fans are quite jealous of US festivals, partly down to the huge success of Warped Tour. It’s surprising to me, then, that most bands from the States I interview much prefer the festivals we have here in the UK. What’s your opinions on this, and what are the key differences in your experience?

I agree, the European festivals I’m much more familiar with. Mayhem is the only US festival we have been a part of and it was awesome. But the culture and the vibe at the European festivals just trumps the US vibe.

DD: Your awesome new record ‘Time And Trauma’ was released in February, which in my opinion is your best work yet (and I’m a huge fan of Rest Inside The Flames). How has the reaction to the album been so far?

It’s been very cool, we are so grateful to the press and our fans for the positive feedback.

DD: You’ve also just completed a stint of UK shows in the past couple of months. What has been your most memorable UK show to date, and why?

I have said it before but they all rule, ya know, playing in countries that are not our own is always something I have cherished. Bristol, UK on the boat called Thekla is a very memorable show in recent years and London for our CD release at the Electric Ballroom was one of the greatest nights of our career.

DD: There’s going to be a whole load of kids making their first trip to Download this year. If you could give three pieces of advice to the festival virgins, what would it be?

Water, beer, water…

DD: OK, a light one to wrap things up. Imagine you are camping at Download this year. You can only choose ONE of the following luxuries. A) a tent, B) a sleeping bag, C) a stack of beer. What one do you choose, and why?

Tent… You can always find beer but you gotta be able to get out of the elements!

DD: That’s about it from us. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions. Any last words to our awesome readers?

Thanks so much for the coverage, and the 36 faithful across the pond, we’re coming for you!!!!!!