Interview: Blood Youth (Download 2015 Preview)

Born from the ashes of British metal titans Climates, Blood Youth have quite a lot of experience in pulverizing audiences with the sheer ferocity. Only at the very early stages of this new venture, it’s quite an exciting time ahead for the band, who have just completed their first UK tour with their friends in POLAR. We sat down with the bands guitarist Sam to discuss the year so far, and their excitement for Download Festival this year.

Blood Youth at Download Festival 2015

Blood Youth will play the Fourth Stage

DD: Hello there! First of all, thanks for talking to us. Who have we got here, what do you do in Blood Youth, and what are you up to right now?

Sam Bowden: Hey, what’s up! You are speaking with Sam, I play guitar in Blood Youth and I’m currently on the way to Canterbury to play the last show of the Polar tour.

DD: This is going to be the first time you guys have graced a stage at Download Festival. How excited are you to finally make your début appearance?

SB: Playing Download Festival is literally going to be one of the sickest moments in all our of musical careers so far. I can safely say that for everyone. It’s been a dream to play that festival and to finally do it and so early on for this band’s career blows my mind! It’s going to be a sick weekend just being able to play and then watch so many of our favourite bands!

DD: Have you been to Download before in the past as punters? If so, what has been your most memorable moment at the festival?

SB: Personally I have never been, which is kinda crazy! I’ve been to a bunch of others but for some reason never Download. Some of the other guys have been so it’s going to be a super special thing for those guys too. I think the most memorable thing at any festival is just watching bands and thinking “fuck, I would love to play a stage like that”.

DD: Are you planning on soaking up the full weekend experience this year? What bands are you looking forward to seeing, and what bands are you looking forward to hanging out with?

SB: Yes, 100%. There’s too many bands over the weekend for us to not stay for the whole thing. I’m looking forward to finally being able to see Fightstar. Also Every Time I Die. Hopefully we can make friends with those guys, they’re our vocalists favourite band so there for sure will be some fanboy moments.

It will be sick to see Counterparts and Beartooth too! We’ve toured with those bands with previous bands we were in so hanging with those dudes will be sick.

DD: As a band, what makes the festival experience that much different than a club show? Do you feel you have to change your setlist or the way you prepare for a show?

SB: Festivals are the best! It’s so chill. Like you literally just get to hang out all day, eat and drink and watch bands. It’s just a day of hanging out. If the weather is good too it makes it way sicker! Club shows are still great but festivals just have such a good vibe.

I thing the gaps in between songs and making sure we talk enough is about the only thing we change at this point. We are still really unknown so we don’t want to change too much. We just make sure it’s the most energetic set we can do.

DD: It’s looking like it’s going to be an incredibly busy year for you. You are in the process of touring with Polar (at time of writing) and then you head out with Trash Boat. How’s the current tour going, and what cities are you looking forward to playing most when you go out again in a couple months time?

SB: Yeah things are happening and getting booked constantly which is amazing. We just want to tour and play as much as possible. We love going to new places and meeting new people and making fans. It’s such a great feeling.

This tour has been cool, we have played some cities that I’ve never been to before so it’s been a nice change. Plus it’s been a laugh watching Polar party every night. Those guys love to drink!

The July tour with Trash Boat will rule! They’re a sweet band which we jam on the road so watching them every night will be cool. I’m really looking forward to the Manchester date. Waster and Best Years are also on the bill which I couldn’t be more stoked on. Me and Max love pop punk so we aren’t going to be leaving the room all night!

DD: Obviously it’s been a while now since you ended Climates and started Blood Youth. Was there ever a period when Climates came to an end you thought you would never be in a position to play festivals like Download again?

SB: It’s a strange one. You never really know what’s ever going to happen. I never saw Climates as having the possibilities to do what it did, so I just take everything as it comes. It’s always a scary thing ending something you had so much investment in, especially with fans as well but we all wanted a fresh start and we accepted the possibility of losing everything. We are just grateful for the opportunities ahead and the fans that stuck by that are excited by what we are doing!

DD: There’s going to be a whole load of kids making their first trip to Download this year. If you could give three pieces of advice to the festival virgins, what would it be?

SB: – Make a check list of things you will need and don’t forget anything! I forgot sun cream at one festival and that sucked. I got burnt hard.
- Don’t bring many clothes. You won’t need them. Just come back in what you came in. It’s a festival, don’t be soft.
- Sleeping bag. You’ll either need one of these or a lot of beer to forget you even need one.

DD: OK, a light one to wrap things up. Imagine you are camping at Download this year. You can only choose ONE of the following luxuries. A) a tent, B) a sleeping bag, C) a stack of beer. What one do you choose, and why?

SB: This is a tough one. Depends how big that stack of beer is really, haha! I think from experience I would choose the sleeping bag, it’s your home basically.

DD: That’s about it from us. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions. Any last words to our awesome readers?

SB: Thanks for taking the time to interview us! Yeah for sure, if you happen to be at Download and you haven’t heard us or seen us live come check it! We will be bringing the riffs and you are guaranteed a good time or your money back!