LIVE: Celeste w/ Svalbard, Soul Grip

Venue: The Underworld
City: London
Release Date: 13th August 2015
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LIVE: Celeste w/ Svalbard, Soul Grip

There’s probably no better setting imaginable for such a bleak, unapologetically heavy band such as France’s Celeste. In the pits of Camden’s Underworld, as a steady crowd starts to accumulate in the dark underbelly of London’s vibrant borough, you get a sense that something very sinister is on it’s way, and excitement is palpable.

Coming all the way from Belgium, Soul Grip make enough noise to be heard all the way from their hometown, riff after crushing riff guaranteeing ears are ringing well before even Svalbard make to the stage. There’s no respite as the English quintet burst into life with songs that are not only colossally big, but audaciously bold too, raising the bar to dizzying heights that even the best of bands would struggle to reach.

It’s good news then that Celeste are in the mood to pulverise tonight’s spectators in their first visit to the UK capital. Making their way on stage donning red head torches and a blinding strobe light as a backdrop, there’s a huge sense of spectacle to the hour long set as they burst in to song. The band do not at any point stop to converse with the crowd, instead opting to rattle through as much of their back catalogue as possible, including furiously heavy offerings from their most recent record Animale(s). The reality is that the French quartet don’t really need to say anything. With a bass thunderous enough to register highly on the Richter scale, and riffs powerful enough to floor you, there’s nothing really that can be said to convince you any more that Celeste are one of the best bands of their ilk. Don’t leave it so long next time, right guys?

LIVE: Celeste w/ Svalbard, Soul Grip, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Posted by Liam Spencer | 21 Aug 2015 | Gig Reviews, Reviews