Spires – Spiral of Ascension

Label: N/A
Release Date: Out now
Genre(s): Metal / Progressive
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For Fans Of: Opeth, Mastodon, Dream Theater
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Spires – Spiral of Ascension

With what can only be described as a devil-may-care attitude to conventional song structure, with new album Spiral of Ascension Manchester metal outfit Spires offer a sprawling, dense, shapeshifting dose of genuine invention. Awash with spiralling technical flourishes, this is a fresh, exciting record, and although a couple of tracks outstay their welcome, there’s not a great deal to dislike here.

Across the likes of ‘Equilibrium’ and ‘The Infinite Descent’, guitars tumble and entwine in a manner evocative of the likes of Opeth and Mastodon, while guttural aggressive vocals give way to layered vocal harmonies and vice versa at every turn. It’s an undeniably impressive technical spectacle, and while the vocal dexterity is one of Spires’ key strengths, the real selling point here is the guitar work. In fact, it’s the impressively hook-laden lead work that ultimately prevents ‘Broken Hourglass’ from outstaying its welcome.

While a couple of Spiral of Ascension‘s later tracks are guilty of being a few minutes over-long, it’s a trite criticism of an album so heaving with invention and so full of such genuinely well-constructed, musically-adept tracks. Whatever your taste in metal, there’s a better-than-average chance you’ll find something to like about Spires, and that in itself is enough of a rarity.

Spires - Spiral of Ascension, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Posted by Mitch | 23 Aug 2011 | Album Reviews, Reviews