They find over 11 thousand child pornography files: after the computer search the handcuffs are released

In the images minors in explicit sexual attitudes. The man lives in the Lower Padua area


Thousands and thousands of images and files with minors in explicit sexual attitudes. The man ended up in the police network and was arrested. After an investigation conducted by the Postal Police of Padua, coordinated by the District Prosecutor of Venice and launched on the initiative of the National Center for the fight against online child pornography (Cncpo) of the Postal and Communications Police Service in the context of international police cooperation , A citizen of the Lower Padua area was arrested for detaining large quantities of child pornography material.

he investigative activity, characterized by peculiar technical aspects, made it possible to identify the man , owner of a profile on social networks through which he kept images and videos of sexual exploitation of minors. During the computer search carried out against him, of unexpected duration due to the copious material in his possession, more than 11,000 files were found  depicting minors in explicit sexual attitudes , which triggered the handcuffs for the man, translated to the house district of Padua. Further investigations are ongoingby the District Attorney to investigate the matter.

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