The 6 best hacker movies to watch if you work in cybersecurity

If you work in the world of cybersecurity or if you are still studying to enter the world of cybersecurity, you may be wondering if there are any good movies about it. The answer is yes, and they may perhaps help you learn something new.

We will introduce you to the 6 best hacking movies that you absolutely must watch if you work in the cybersecurity field.

Film # 1: WarGames

It is a film from the 80s, whose protagonist David Litghtman, a promising hacker, almost fortuitously manages to connect to a WOPR connection. This other is nothing more than a supercomputer that must evaluate and plan military strategies to respond to a possible Soviet attack. Lightman is able to log into the US Department website with the credentials of a deceased scientist who worked there. At this point he initiates the Global Thermonuclear War against the WOPR which has raised the alert for a Soviet nuclear attack to the maximum.

This film is set in the middle of the Cold War and could help you understand the great responsibilities you have when working in the field of cybersecurity.

Movie # 2: EagleEye

It is a 2008 film that will help you reflect on contemporary technology. On the real chances that technology can decide to come to life and decide for itself what to hack, when and how to do it. The protagonist of the film is a supercomputer that takes a vote and decides to annihilate the government, while its creator after the initial satisfaction tries to put a stop to the situation. To watch this movie and the other 4 we recommend that you use antivirus apps to be protected. Not that streaming is dangerous, but as you well know working in the world of cybersecurity, caution is never too much. Consequently, it is best to use them to avoid malware or other cyber attacks.

Movie # 3: Hacker

It is a fantasy thriller about the world and culture of hackers. In the film various hackers try to challenge each other by raising the bar of the difficulty of what they are doing. They hack the TV schedule, cancel people’s credit cards and make the New York Stock Exchange and other exchanges lose points.

The film is from 1995 and could help you understand how cybercrime has evolved over the past 20 years. Of course, these cyber crimes are not replicable, because we are talking about obsolete technologies.

Film n ° 4: Die Hard 4.0

This Bruce Willis movie will help you find further purpose in your work in cybersecurity. The film is set on the day before American Independence Day and the protagonist, Bruce Willis, plays a veteran policeman who must interrogate a hacker. The interrogation is a real chaos and at the same time, however, another cybercriminal decides to launch a cyber attack on the American IT infrastructure. The film is all about countering and defeating this attack.

Film n ° 5: SwordFish

SwordFish is a real world in cyber space. In cyber space , in fact, there are many worlds that we must discover and understand. In this SwordFish world hide the darkest secrets protected by passwords and advanced security systems. The protagonist of the film is a hacker who as soon as he gets out of prison is hired to steal capital from government funds.

If you love drama this film is for you and then among the leading actors you will find Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman.

Film n ° 6: Ghost in the Shell

The film is set in a dystopian reality where terrorists manage to enter people’s minds to control them. The protagonist is a cyber soldier played by Scarlett Johansson. Her job is to stop them, but at some point in the film she starts thinking about her past and she decides to focus instead on taking revenge on everyone who hurt her.

It is the movie for you if you are afraid of a dystopian future where technologies could take over people or the world.

Recap of the 6 films

Let’s make a short recap of the 6 best movies you absolutely must see if you work in the world of cyber security or you are simply passionate about it.

  1. WarGame if you love the Cold War theme and the world of video games
  2. EagleEye if you are intrigued by a world where technology takes, decide to act on its own
  3. Hacker if you want to learn more about the hacker or cyber culture of the past
  4. Die Hard 4.0 to remind you to give your best at work
  5. SwordFish if you want to see a Hacker hero in action and love movies with healthy drama
  6. Ghost in the Shell if you are afraid or intrigued by dystopian technology.

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